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Your dream interpretation hit on many things that were so true. I am grateful for your gift. ~ Ann

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic

It is of paramount importance to know that most dreams are personal pictures, images or illustrations that are meant for spiritual growth. They are classified as being either intrinsic or extrinsic.

An intrinsic dream is about you. You are the integral subject matter of the dream. If you were to be taken out of the dream there simply would not be a dream. An extrinsic dream is about something or someone other than yourself. You are not part of any action in the dream. You are an observer throughout the entire dream. If on the other hand you were part of the action and also an observer in the dream, the dream would be classified as being intrinsic. To clarify: a dream in which you play any part at anytime is intrinsic. If you are strictly observing it is extrinsic. There are times when a dream could be considered either intrinsic or extrinsic. However putting a tag on a dream doesn’t make it right or wrong. It is simply a part of the process of discernment.

Here are two examples:

Intrinsic: Title: Cheezits  –  In Color
I was in the kitchen unpacking a bag from Dollar General. There were three boxes of Cheezits. One was full the other two had only a few crackers inside. I called to my husband telling him we had to return them because they were not full.
Interpretation: Your dream shows that you are being prepared to serve others good spiritual food. You feel as though you paid the price but have not received all of the benefits. The dream is meant to encourage you to seek more of what you desire or need in serving others.

Extrinsic: Title: Michael Schumacher  –   In Color
I was observing Michael Schumacher driving his bright red Ferrari race car by the New York Stock Exchange. His speed was normal. There were 15-20 fans on the street corner cheering him on. They were wearing Ferrari racing team shirts.
Interpretation: Your dream is a revelation that suggests Michael is symbolic of those who are persistent in using the special abilities they have to run the race and win. Heaven is cheering them on. Their investment and persistence will pay off in the end. Although wisdom and revelation are priorities, understanding whether a dream is intrinsic or extrinsic is a basic foundational guide that is key to a valid dream interpretation.

Always keep in mind the most important thing is to discern the true meaning of the dream. Happy dreaming and insightful interpreting.

Pastor Mary Ann Kotch

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