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Symbolic Colors and Numbers

Importance of Symbolic Colors

Dreams that reference colors are most significant.  We conclude that God, the creator and author of all light, uses colors to reveal the purpose and corresponding benefits in our dreams.

While colors reveal the range of blessings and provisions they can also reveal negative events. Therefore, colors communicate and reveal truth both positive and negative.

The following chart lists a sampling of colors associated with dreams and visions.

Plus (+) Minus (-)
  • Red: wisdom
  • Blue: divine revelation, healing
  • Yellow: hope, mind, joy
  • Green: growth
  • Purple: royalty, kingship
  • White: Spirit of God, light
  • Black: elegance, passion
  • anger, war, lust
  • depression, anxiety
  • fear, coward
  • envy, pride
  • false authority
  • religious spirit
  • darkness, sin, death

Colors serve a purpose and contribute to accurate dream interpretation

Importance of Symbolic Numbers

Numbers play a prominent and varied role in scripture.  They appear throughout both testaments and take on symbolic overtones. . Numbers then have meaning and are therefore an important element in dream interpretation. It is essential to know there is a fine line between biblical numbers and that of numerology.  Biblical references and principles must always be the foundation and reference when interpreting dreams.

A Sampling of Symbolic Numbers:

1 – God, beginning, prime source
2 – Division, separate, support, increase
3 – Triune God, fullness, complete
4 – Seasons, directions, creative works
5 – Redeeming favor, change for good
6 – Physical world, humanity
7 – Perfection, completeness
8 – Beginnings, teacher
9 – Life’s season, finality, conclusion
10 – Trial, testing, shepherding

The spiritual significance of any number isn’t always clear.  Its meaning may be implied, veiled or hidden.

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